Waiting for the Blue Wren
by Merlene Fawdry

I wait for the blue wren
to emerge from his nest
for it is as good as any intent
when apathy threatens and
in the waiting, I notice
other small things
of haiku brevity
a spiral of butterflies
a rose petal adrift
a rain spider peeping
between rungs on a chair
blades of grass waving
in low level breeze
ants on the march
and bees hard at work
the blue wren stays home
but I thank him, in absentia
for the waiting

IMAGE: “A Little Blue” [male splendid fairy wren, Australia] by Wendy Slee. Prints available at fineartamerica.com.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Merlene Fawdry lives in rural Victoria, Australia. She enjoys the diversity of writing poetry, nonfiction, and fiction, and provides an editing, manuscript preparation, and writer mentoring service. She has a strong interest in social justice, and is committed to giving a voice to the oppressed through her writing.