I Wait in Never-Ending Silence
by Jane Karina

For years I wait,
in silence,

The endless cosmos
and turning
while I await
its stop.

A sun wails for
attention in a
desperate bid
for success.

The earth grumbles
in a rocking chair
swaying back and forth
with rhythm
for an old man.

A cycle grows
of breathing
and choking.
The cycle continues.

The air follows out
into the ocean
to be swallowed
and be no more.

Still I wait
in never-ending

For life,
for death,
for rebirth.

IMAGE: “Silence” by Arthur Beecher Carles (1908).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jane Karina is currently a soon-to-be undergraduate student aspiring to be a criminal psychologist. While waiting for university to start, she fills time by swimming and other sports, writing fiction and writing on her blog, and various other activities. Visit her at