Waiting as a Choir
by Lourdes Veronica

I am waiting for a choir of crows
to lay down cries on my barren belly
before my waist-line becomes a waste-line
and you give face to moonlight
and dreams bring back my grandmother
and I know I’ll always be
five and petrified
I am waiting
with a yellow-tongued hatred
for ex-wives to turn into lizards
or better
into smithereens of fog
I am waiting for a wedding dress
I cannot wait to shred it to become
one volcano of a woman
I am waiting to die as Christmas
and be reborn as Carnival
I am waiting to fall asleep
in a moss-peopled Rome
to wake up in downtown Moscow
mourned each razor-edged morning
behind doorways and windows
swarming with an echo
of feral cats we used to be.

IMAGE: “The Haunting Dancer” by Gino Severini (1911).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lourdes Veronica is an aspiring poet currently living in Rome. Her previous work has been featured in In My Bed magazine (Canada).