Waiting. Baited.
by Misti Rainwater-Lites

I’m waiting in the murky wade
baited beautiful on American dream hook.
What will be caught?
I hope for heft.
I shimmer in Gulf Coast sun
a tiny tempt for any fish that may come.
Come fish.
Come nibble.
Come terrible truth.
Come mortality swallow.
I’m waiting for devour.
I’m waiting for blood and guts
and all of me contained
in something much larger
so much heavier
much more delicious
when coated in Crisco
and rolled in cracker crumbs.
I’m waiting in the warm shallow.
I’m waiting in the cold deep.
I’m inconsequential but look at my sparkle.
The waves distract me, the waves and all those
bobbing hunks of bread.
I’m waiting for capture.
I’m waiting for final.
The suspense makes me wiggle.
I like the hook, the hook that keeps me
in check
where I belong.
Come terrible mouth come terrible stomach.
I’m waiting, darling.
Baited all my little life.
Dancing my dangle as
I wait.

IMAGE: “The Fish” by Vasile Dobrian (1912-1999).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Misti Rainwater-Lites is the author of Bullshit Rodeo and several other books of fiction and poetry. She maintains a blog called Chupcabra Disco and is still waiting to be as visible and successful as Lawrence Ferlinghetti.