by Dustin Pickering
dedicated to Shaun Lee Anderson

I wait.
I wait for falling trains,
rhythmic expulsion of my heart.
I wait for love,
and the hour of abandon.

Strict seas surge
with the proxy of Time.
The moon has its own glow.
I leave the shadows
for the old graves.
Geese fly through golden bridges
of the heart.

The monster knocks at my door.
I catch him staring me down.
I wait for his eyes
to vanish.
Strange delusions never came to me.
Nothing ever does.

At the moment I am only
I wait for the doctor with the needle
to draw my blood.
Haven’t I lost enough blood?

Still, my wait is a secret envy.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was a shot out of the dark about a woman, a Facebook friend, who was in a domestic violence situation and wound up in a mental hospital, where a libertarian mutual aid society rescued her and brought her back into full swing. My creative process involves full inspiration at its height, and numerous revisions, performances, and concentration. “Anticipation” [under the title”Waiting”] was published three years ago in my chapbook True Gods are Poor. The chapbook was self-published in a limited print run.

IMAGE: “Eight White-Fronted Geese in Flight, Full Moon Behind” by Ohara Koson (1877-1945).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dustin Pickering is the Editor-in-Chief of Harbinger Asylum, a literary and arts journal published under Pickering’s independent press Transcendent Zero Press. He is published in a variety of online and print journals and anthologies including Muse for Women, di-verse-city 2013, and Dead Snakes. He was a featured poet at Houston’s best public reading series, Public Poetry, in 2013, and was a Special Guest Poet at Austin International Poetry Festival in that same year. AIPF is the largest un-juried poetry festival in the country.