Waiting for a Tug
by Lawrence James Nielsen

The pond turns over –
cold water sinking,
warm water rising,
churning fish and food.
Fisherman, Job’s avatar,
I cast my bait toward the
weedy bank where ducks paddle.
And sit on the bank, watching –
Pole in its holder
journal, pen in hand,
waiting for a tug, a bite;
reflecting – waiting – hoping
my pond will turn over,
ending this season of rejection.

IMAGE: “The Little Fish and the Fisherman,” etching by Marc Chagall (1927)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lawrence James Nielsen, retired teacher, born in Orland, California, reborn in Ribeirão da Ilha, Santa Catarina, Brazil, lives in Brown’s Valley, California, at the edge of the Yuba Goldfields with his wife, Florence, several cats, numerous chickens, and any wild critter who shows up for a meal. He is a naturist, and when not helping others discover their ancestors and origins, spends his time gardening, writing, fishing, or roaming the desert and forest chasing ghosts, inspiration, and edible mushrooms. Before retiring, he taught at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, several community colleges, and (after discovering a love for working with at-risk youth), public schools in LA, Modoc, Sutter, and Yuba counties.