by Alan D. Harris

We’re always searching
for the lost sock
its partner and me
hoping for a reunion
We’ve waited days
once nine months
for its return
Fearing to ask
where it’s been
who it was with
or why it left
Until what remains
is silence
and adventures unshared

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Unlike Lawrence Ferlinghetti [author of “I Am Waiting”] I am no longer waiting for the rebirth of wonder in others. That will never happen in my lifetime. But that’s okay. Wonder has been reborn in me. But I do listen to the silent voices of friends, family, and total strangers who whisper in the darkness who and what they are waiting for.

IMAGE: “Lost Socks” by Mark Satchwill. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alan D. Harris writes short stories, plays, and poetry based primarily upon the life-stories of friends, family and total strangers. Harris is the 2011 recipient of the Stephen H. Tudor Scholarship in Creative Writing and the 2014 John Clare Poetry Prize winner from Wayne State University. In addition he is the father of seven, grandfather of six, as well as a Pushcart Prize nominee in both 2013 and 2014.