The Gate Was Open

IMAGE: The Gate Is Open,” photograph by John T. Langfeld (12/17/2014).

ABOUT THE IMAGE: “Cloud Gate” (aka “The Bean”) is a public sculpture by Anish Kapoor, and is the centerpiece of the AT&T Plaza in Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois. The work reflects and distorts the city’s skyline.Visitors to the Park can walk around and under this work. It measures 33 x 66 x 42 feet. Made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. “Cloud Gate” was dedicated May 15, 2006.

jtl 2011 Santa Fe

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER: A native of Minnesota, John T. Langfeld received a B.S. in Music Education from St. Cloud State University in Instrumental and Vocal Music and continued on to the University of Wisconsin/Madison for a M.M. and Ph.D. work (ABD) in Musicology. In addition, he studied aesthetic education and metacognition at Northwestern University (also ABD) with Benjamin Bloom and Bennett Reimer. Langfeld has written for “juried” journals and is a published poet. Visit him at His photography is represented by