Soft Reverberations
by Michael Aaron Casares

Echoed steps on empty downtown streets
no soul or body visits or walks around
strong gust from down the alley shivers
a sudden embrace tense to pass
distant motors run
a distant horn is honking
rippling the crisp air
footfalls among the puddles
and the trash
dirty walls and faded paint
rehabilitate ancient concrete
replete with silent memories
locked inside the ebbing minds
of birds gray as street stone

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The photo and the poem are a memory of empty streets in early morning downtown San Antonio, Texas — my hometown.

PHOTO: “Success at the Dawn of the Millennium” (San Antonio, Texas) by Michael Aaron Casares.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Aaron Casares writes poetry and fiction. He lives in Austin, Texas, where he edits the online poetry journal Carcinogenic Poetry, and operates Virgogray Press, a publishing house that shares primarily poetry. His collection, This Reality of Man, is available. Visit him at