Yes, It Is “Almost Heaven,” John Denver
by Debi Swim

Mountains of lush green
That burst into flame
When autumn comes calling.
Creeks where the crawdad
And salamander crawl
And boys dig for bait.
Seasons drawn boldly
Sectioned by four
We have it all.

Whitewater rafting,
Coal mining,
New River Bridge,
The Greenbrier,
Millionaire’s row,
Honey in the Rock,
Hatfields and McCoys,
The Rocket Boys

Iroquois and Cherokee,
Shawnee, Mingo
German and Scotch-Irish,
Italians, Sicilian,
Polish, Yugoslavs
Croatians, Russian,
We are a melting pot
Of fighters, survivors.

PHOTOGRAPH: “New River Bridge, West Virginia” by Brendan Reals. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Debi Swim is a wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoys writing poetry, especially to prompts. She has been published in the Bluestone Review, a literary magazine published by Bluefield College, and several online publications.