Morning at Meech Lake
by Nancy-Jean Pément

I should live in a green-coloured world
under a canopy of leaves
leaning low to greet me

I should make peace
with the cold
moss-coloured waters,
cosmos of microscopic life

something not unlike the stardust
from which we are rumoured to emerge,
some carbon element,
some cousin to the stars

we are
collective torchlights,
a canopy of illuminated filament
our bodies cannot hope to contain


I should learn to paddle the red canoe
properly seated at the back,
every stroke,
a stroke of momentum genius

like loons returning at dawn
call out,
I am of earth though I come from light.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem was written at a time when I was longing to be back in the Laurentian forests of my youth — in a green-coloured world far from the arid landscape of Southern California. Morning at Meech Lake was first published in the 2011 edition of The Moorpark Review.

PHOTOGRAPH: “Ottawa river bordering the provinces of Ontario and Québec” by Nancy-Jean Pément.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nancy-Jean Pément‘s poems have appeared in The Moorpark Review, where she was the featured artist in 2011, Morning Glory, and The Scribbler. She placed second in the 2014 Ventura County Writers’ Club poetry contest and was a finalist in Garrison Keillor’s 2014 Common Good Books poetry contest. She was recently named one of the emerging voices in Ventura County. She lives in Thousand Oaks, California.