by Birdman313

Along the borderline in the summer walking down the beach,
Half-awake under a half moon as the tide rolls in reach.
The white tranquil sand soothing through the toes,
The mind is open to the wind’s gentle whisper rows.
As the sea spray mist bathed on the face,
Seagulls, fish circled to a beat of trace.
Under the sky with windblown sails,
Along the dock, toothpicked fishermen gathered around a cotton bail.
Midnight strolls lazy moon and a shadow on the beach,
Dreams casually as the wind brushed up against the trees in reach.
Stone upon stone of history stood silent along the sandy shores off the       sea,
Sending a chill that will sting like bee.

PHOTOGRAPH: “Guided” (Benton Harbor, Michigan) by Bill Frische. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Victor B. Johnson, Sr., aka Birdman313, is originally from Benton Harbor, Michigan. After receiving a B.A. in Social Science from John Wesley College in Owosso, Michigan, he tried out for The NBA California Summer Pro-Basketball League, the Eastern League, and several independent teams and spent several years playing Semi-Pro basketball. In 1980, he moved to Houston, Texas. He has four published poetry books and three poetry chapbooks and has been published in Froward Times newspaper, Storm Magazine, Harbinger Asylum Magazine, the Indiana Review Newsletter, and The Permian Basin Poetry Society Anthology PERMAIN BASIN 2014. He is a member of the Austin Writers Roulette and hosts the Spoken Word Contest at the National Black Book Festival. His awards include several Editor’s Choice Awards in Poetry, a Plaque for the Poem “She,” Gold Medallion and PENDANT. He appears in the YouTube documentary Poetry Is Dead by Weasel Patterson of Vagabonds press in the Houston area. He received an A.A. in Networking Admin from ITT-Tech and a Computer Tech Certificate from J.T.I. He is a mobile app developer for Androids and Smartphone devices and has developed two personal apps at the Google Play Store under the name of Birdman313 and Skipper313.