I like it here
by Sunayna Pal

The thread city gave me a home
when UCONN beckoned my husband to USA
Cold hit my skin before the beauty of JFK touched my eyes
and the fire on the trees that I saw on the way to home
will be my fondest memories always.
The leaves left us in few days of our arrival
and the frigid touch made me an Eskimo
The yellow and oranges were long gone
what replaced it was a divine highlight of white
and a wonderful sight to cherish from the warmth of my home.
I found the frog bridge very intriguing at first
Understood the history of Willimantic and so grew my appreciation
The friendly bus drivers helped me navigate
and find my way to the department stores
or the library, museum, and theater
Besides the architecture, the people are the best part of this town
A special Ms K has been the kindest of all
to give us a lift when we missed our bus.
Colonial Townhouse ensures we have everything we need
What else can I say? I really like it here.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  I was thinking about writing about my experience after I shifted to Willimantic, Connecticut. Thanks to the WHERE I LIVE Series, I have my chance. The town is one of a kind and helps me when I miss home. The people have been very kind to me and I like it here. I am so happy to welcome the spring and spend more time in the town and with its lovely people.

PHOTOGRAPH:The Frog Bridge, Willimantic, Connecticut” by Microinjection.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sunayna Pal, born and brought up in Mumbai, shifted to USA after her marriage. She has PG degrees from XLRI and Annamalai University, and worked in the Corporate World for five odd years but quit it in 2009 and embarked on her heart’s pursuits. She started “Art with Sunayna” (artwithsunayna.wordpress.com) to teach and sell art for NGOs (nongovernmental organizations). She is also a homemaker, gardener, photographer, and writer. She was the Mumbai reporter for Evergreen Magazine. Many of her articles have been published in TOI, New woman, Women’s era, and she is a proud contributor at many other e-magazines and sites. She contributed to the the anthologies Mighty Thoughts and The Second Life, and maintains a blog at mannkiwindow.wordpress.com