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The White Rabbit Out of Hiding
a Sonnet
by Frank Mundo

The hour had come for this son of man
To be glorified at the local mall.

A single mom with a singular plan
Plus that something that doesn’t love a wall

Eyed clothes on hangers, in great piles and stacks,
Worrying, Oh dear, we shall be too late,

Settled on my best, beige corduroy slacks
Paired with (a most glorious twist of fate!)

My Humpty Dumpty turtleneck sweater,
— Which meant, of course, what I chose it to mean —

Black socks and bright shoes: a real trendsetter,
You’re my big boy, mom smiled, So handsome and clean.

Say cheese, came a voice, which proved quite funny
Riding the knee of a giant bunny.

PHOTOGRAPH: Easter Bunny Day at The Mall at Prince George’s County in Hyattsville, Maryland, 1977.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem tells the story behind the frantic day the only picture ever taken of me with the elusive Easter Bunny occurred.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Frank Mundo’s stories, poetry, and essays have appeared in dozens of journals, magazines and anthologies in print and online. He earned a BA in English from UCLA, where he also completed the Creative Writing Program. Author of three books, most notably The Brubury Tales (foreword by Carolyn See), Frank lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California, with his wife, Nancy, and their two dogs, Jax and Rusty.