An inseparable friend
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

My childhood memories are laced with
Maths moments, my love for the subject,
passion for it, one-sided private talks

I shared all my feelings with Maths – sorrow,
happiness, doubts, fears, heart aches, conclusions,
all in return for a non-judgmental listening ear

After a tired day Maths consoled me,
cracking a difficult problem in a jiffy
boosted my self-confidence and left a smile

Maths defined me, my friendships with others,
I helped them understand nuances of problem-solving,
love echoed in my voice as I explained solutions

It was my anchor, my identity, it remains
so with all my friends — they remember
me even today, as the girl who loved Maths

Every spare moment was spent with Maths,
from morning to night, seeking solace
in solutions, it remained my strength through
growing up years, my closest companion

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NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I was a shy child when I realized my passion for Maths. Maths, for me, was my outlet, an inseparable friend, my mirror. It gave me my identity, as friends always approached me with their Maths doubts.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vijaya Gowrisankar released her first book of poems Inspire in 2014. The book contains 100+ poems on topics such as Nature, Life, Let Go, Positivity, and Change. She is passionate about writing poems from childhood.