by Thomas R. Thomas

Dad was John
his whole life

except when he
was a Marine
in World War 2

a lot of people
with the last name
Thomas are called

and the Marines
called Dad tommy
and when Mom
married him in 1945
they called her tommy

Mom really wanted
a son named tommy
and after 3 girls
and calling my
brother John

I was going to be
tommy no matter what

so Mom I carry
your name
with pride

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON THE PHOTOGRAPH: This was taken in our backyard in West Covina, California. My parents took a picture of all four of us (my two sisters, my brother, and me) in the same jeans on our first birthday.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas R. Thomas is sitting on the couch and reading his book. He looks up from his book and wonders why he is thinking of himself in the third person — silly boy, he thinks. Thomas R. Thomas is scowling at you for thinking his name is silly since it is a good Welsh name, and he is quite pleased that his Mom wanted a Tommy. Thomas R. Thomas was previously published in many fine publications. Thomas R. Thomas publishes Arroyo Seco Press in Long Beach.