My name, My name!
by Oonah V Joslin

Oonah with a double ‘o’
Oonah but without the ‘g’
Oonah with a silent ‘h’
That’s me.

Not Yvonne but V’yonne
Yes, it’s pronounced Vee-on.
Capital V apostrophe
That’s me.

Oonagh was much too ‘Irish’ you see.
Mother said she saw ‘V’yonne’
in a novel when she
was carrying me.

It was never going to be
any other name than Oonah V’y
onne and I doubt there’s another
in the world or ever will be.

I may be freak.
I am sure I’m unique.
It’s my name alone
and it means ME.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author at age 23.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have always loved my name. It’s a traditional Irish name but with altered spelling followed by a completely weird middle name which I cannot trace to anywhere. It’s kind of special to have a special name so I would like to (posthumously) thank my parents for that.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oonah V Joslin has 100 Microhorror’s and three coveted Hallowe’en prizes, and is currently working as poetry editor at The Linnet’s Wings Literary Magazine and blogs at Parallel Oonahverse http://oovj.wordpress.com. She was born in Northern Ireland and lives in Northumberland, England, with her Welsh husband, Noёl.