GG as a Young Boy
The Moniker
by Gary Glauber

The first name
now fallen far from favor
is Roman, and denotes
a soldier or guard,
a brave warrior dutifully
at his business
in the service of service.

The last name
invokes a German verb:
to think or believe,
both noble activities
aptly suited
for this writer-to-be.

In truth, the surname
was passed down from
a tribe of ignoble Hungarians;
the forename a late tribute
to the handsome actor
whose movies were popular
at the time of my birth.

Yet I remain ever grateful
to parents who in their exuberant
blissful youth and excitement
over having a first born
after being told a child
was not in the cards,
unknowingly created
more than a son,
more than a name:

a thinking warrior.

PHOTOGRAPH: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This is a true tale about my real name.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gary Glauber is a poet, fiction writer, and teacher. This April he took part in Found Poetry Review’s PoMoSco project. Recent poems are published or forthcoming in Blue Heron Review, Crab Fat Literary Magazine, Pilgrimage Magazine, West Trade Review, Silver Birch Press, Blast Furnace, Calliope Magazine, The Bookends Review, Deep Water Literary Journal,, The Legendary, Xanadu, and Think Journal. He is a champion of the underdog who often composes to an obscure power pop soundtrack. His first collection, Small Consolations, is due out in Summer 2015 from The Aldrich Press. A chapbook entitled Memory Marries Desire will be available this fall.