Kenneth? Oh, Please!
by Kenneth Pobo

It means knightly,
I’m told. Or I read it
in the back of a Peanuts
comic book. Nothing knightly
about me. I’ve never ridden
a horse. Jousting, yes,
but only with those who’ve never

read Thomas Hardy. My name,
a bandage on a wound
that never happened. America
has never had a President
Kenneth. Wouldn’t Kenneth be
an improvement over Woodrow?

I’m the result
of Paul Lynde marrying Liberace.
When I toast myself,
I break the glass,
shards like dead bodies
on the floor
suddenly dancing.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author with his parents (Villa Park, Illinois, 1963).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kenneth Pobo has a new book forthcoming from Blue Light Press called Bend Of Quiet.