by Terence Sykes

I come
to gather
wild chicory
too old
to bloom
too bitter
to eat
too much
like me

PHOTOGRAPH: The author in Santa Monica, California (2013).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem came to me about five years ago at a weeklong writer’s retreat. I wandered & meandered the grounds alone like a monk every morning with a small Moleskin notebook & my pen to write if inspiration came to me…I would gather a chicory blossom and tuck in my notebook as I took to the university cafeteria… CHICORY is my pen name that came to me a few years ago when I joined the social media world. I love to cook Italian heirloom vegetables….I reintroduced LARGE OXHEART CABBAGE to Jefferson’s Monticello some years ago…I also harvest wild food…Especially chicory and other wild greens.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Terrence Sykes was born and raised in the rural coal mining area of Virginia. This isolation brings the theme of remembrance to his creations, whether real or imagined. Though not traditional in his spiritual path, these traditional threads of his past are woven into his tapestry of writing. His poetry has been published in India, Scotland, Spain, and the USA.