Being as unique as my name
by Apoorva B Raj

Destiny took me
to pick out my name.
On a good Friday,
for an unknowing Thursday.
Before it, I was simply named Pooja.

The day I chose to be Apoorva —
so unique, never existed before
I just stick onto it literally.
But, I grew up under the shadow of my father
B Raj and strived to Be Royal.

Royal in my thoughts
Loyal in my life
Noble in my walks
Humble in my talks
Ended up Unbelievable in all other views!!

I was Pretty as my name
I tried hard to be prettier to my kith and kin
I lost being the prettiest keen
as I lost my own in my tune
Of being unique or being myself (i.e.,Apoorva).

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: “Speculating the spectator” in hotel A 2 B,  Bangalore. India (May 2015).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Apoorva means unique or like no other.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Apoorva.B.Raj has been writing poetry since age 17 on themes like life, love, the divine, and social issues. The particular poem is autobiographical. It talks about her life and struggle for being indifferent. She changed her name when she was studying in 2nd standard. It was fortunate that she chose her name for herself with the help of her parents. But the unfortunate part is that she lost the solace and love of her parents because she stood unique, wanting to be herself,  according to her name.