subho rajorshi
According to the cosmic calendar
by Subhankar Das

What’s in a name anyway — you told me
when I complained that I want to change
my boring name to something interesting
like Wanda the Grumpy Star Gazer.

A name according to the cosmic calendar
instead of what I have now
one who does well to people — the meaning
of the first part of my name followed by
the family name and I wanted to change everything.

Thank god my father dropped the middle name
to make it short and have less chance of me misspelling it.
He knew he had to deal with a dull kid.

But Wanda the Grumpy Star Gazer
failed miserably,
as my friends here could not fathom its meaning
and thought I have lost it.
They stuck with my old name and advised me
to respect the tradition of time
and stop star gazing.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Subhankar Das is a writer/publisher living in Kolkata, India, who was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2013. Has three new chapbooks of poems — Thieves of the Wind, jointly with Catfish McDaris (Writing Knights, 2014); 66 Lines On your Soul, jointly with Catfish Mcdaris and Kevin Ridgeway (Graffiti Kolkata, 2014); and Bukowski Smoked Bidis (Grandma Moses Press, 2015).