Name Haiku
by Lee Nash

in a sweet meadow
my own fortunate war –
fought (Hebrew) at the ash

PHOTO: The author at age 12 (Cape Point, South Africa).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I wanted to encapsulate the essence of my name in a concise poem, so haiku form seemed the best choice. Each line describes one of my three names: Lee Edith Nash. There are extremes – the juxtaposition of the sweet meadow and the bloody war – but the end is reassuring: the ash tree is there in the midst with its solidity and shade, a symbol of protection and spiritual


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lee Nash lives in France and freelances as an editorial designer for a UK publisher. Her poems have appeared in magazines and e-zines in the UK, the US, and France including The French Literary Review, The Lake, Inksweatandtears, and Silver Birch Press. To find out more about Lee, see her website