by Veronica Hosking

Ron Jr.
A girl!

PHOTOGRAPH: Veronica Hosking as a teen with her father Ron.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My mom and dad had two girls. Seven years after their second daughter was born, they decided to try a third time for a boy. My mom grew rather large with baby number three and kept saying it was her “big, baby boy.” It turned out to be identical twin girls. Well dad still wanted a junior. My name was almost Ronalda. Thanks to my mom who remembered Archie Comics and Veronica’s nickname being Roni, Ron, Jr., became Veronica. And yes, I answer to Ron.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother, and poet. She lives in the desert southwest with her husband and two daughters. Her family and day job, cleaning the house, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine 2006-2011. “Spikier Spongier” appeared in Stone Crowns magazine (November 2013). “Desperate Poet” was posted on the Narrator International website and reprinted in Poetry Nook. “Rain Drops” was published in Half New Year poetry collection (Silver Birch Press, 2014). “Desert Spring” was part of the Where I Live series, also from Silver Birch Press. Veronica keeps a poetry blog at http://vhosking.wordpress.com.