david katz

PHOTOGRAPH: Poet David M. Katz with his copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology in New York City’s Riverside Park, lush and green in the summertime, about two blocks from his home, and a few hours by train from Gatsby’s terrain.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David M. Katz‘s poems have appeared in Poetry, The New Criterion, The Paris Review, PN Review, The Raintown Review, Alabama Literary Review, and Southwest Review. “The Last Page,” his poem featured in The Great Gatsby Anthology, also appears in his most recent book, Stanzas on Oz, Poems 2011-2014. That book also includes a lengthier poem, “Scott’s Last Tape,” which concerns Fitzgerald’s death. His other books of poems are Claims of Home, Poems 1984-2010, and The Warrior in the Forest. As a financial journalist as well as a poet, Katz has long savored Fitzgerald’s ability in Gatsby of being able to catch the economic zeitgeist of the 1920s.