Belief strengthens
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

As a bundle of joy defined their world,
my parents stepped out to search a name
A name for life, that would identify me,
a reminder of blessings bestowed on them

They believed the name would influence me
to act with strength in rocky, rugged roads
They spent days looking for the perfect name
as suggestions and rejections went to and fro

In the naming ceremony, they called me “Vijaya”
that meant “victory,” as Sanskrit reveals
What’s in a name, I wonder many a times and
recall numerous incidents that passed my life

Every time that obstacles decorated my journey,
each moment I unconsciously motivated myself
The words of encouragement “Come on, Vijaya”
unleashed a power to pursue and persist

My beliefs influence my actions in life,
strengthen my path and the choices I make
My soul surges as I write or hear my name
I step up as a victor to vanquish my inner victim

One of the many names of Goddess Durga,
as she fights for goodness to prevail
I bow my head in humble acknowledgement ––
My name personifies the way I lead my life

PHOTOGRAPH: The author in Mumbai, India (November 2014).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vijaya Gowrisankar released her first book of poems Inspire in 2014. The book contains 100+ poems on topics like Nature, Life, Let Go, Positivity, and Change. She is passionate about writing poems from childhood.