PHOTOGRAPH: Poet/artist Shivapriya Ganapathy with the e-book of The Great Gatsby Anthology in her hometown, Kanchipuram, which houses some of the oldest and most magnificent temples in India. She contributed her visual found poem “Unheard Melodies” to the collection.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shivapriya Ganapathy initially began her trysts with art through sketches and origami in her school days. A book lover all her life, she went on to pursue a Masters degree in English Literature, which brought to her a wide world of words with which she could savour art. She then started dabbling with different forms of poetry, and some of her works were published in Whispers, Verse Wrights, Word Couch, Wordweavers, Spilt Ink Poetry, Sonic Boom, and The Squire: 1,000 Paper Cranes Anthology. She was one of the Featured Writers for Poetry for the Wordweavers India Contest 2014. Haiku and other Japanese poetry forms enchant her the most. On the flip side, she is a research scholar working on lesbian feminism for her doctoral thesis. She also maintains a personal poetry blog where she rambles her heart out as she finds writing insanely therapeutic.