The Great Gatsby Anthology Comes to 6 Gateway Drive

PHOTOGRAPH: Poet Alan Walowitz with his copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology in front of 6 Gateway Drive in Great Neck, New York, where where F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald lived from 1922 to 1924 — and where, according to a recent book, Fitzgerald wrote much of The Great Gatsby.

AUTHOR’S NOTES ON THE PHOTOGRAPH: Interestingly, and probably to the relief of the current owners, there’s no historical marker in front of this Long Island house to indicate its literary and historical importance. But now there’s a picture of a proud contributor, holding his copy The Great Gatsby Anthology, which I’d gladly give to the current owners of the property if they’d like to display it.

6gatewaydrive older photo

The photo above — courtesy of the Great Neck Public Library — was probably taken at a time closer to when the Fitzgeralds lived there. The photo below — by Joshua Bright for The New York Times — shows the house in all its reconfigured and updated grandeur. It’s quite a lovely house, not quite fitting the Buchanans, but probably grander than the house Fitzgerald imagined for Nick Carraway.

6 Gateway Drive today

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My poem “Great Neck Record” appears in the The Great Gatsby Anthology — and other poems of mine can be found in journals and on ezines and blogs (including Silver Birch Press) many of which can be easily googled. I do live in Great Neck but, not in Fitzgerald’s part of town. I teach some days at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York, and other days at St. John’s University, on the other side of the Nassau-Queens border.