Bucharest Romanian Hospitality
by A.P.

As the child of expatriates, I spent plenty of vacations in my birth country, Romania. One summer, a high school friend joined me on my trip. We sang along to self-composed songs of cigarette sellers on the decrepit train to the sea, saw a black bear and were chased by guard dogs during our first attempt to hike the Carpathians and left footprints on melting asphalt on the way to a bookstore-cafe in Bucharest. Though I worried the poverty would be off-putting, she had a great time. Her only critique: Romanian hospitality made her gain fifteen pounds.

PHOTOGRAPH: “Bucharest, Romania” by A.P. (winter, 2015).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A.P. is a photographer/writer. Her creative work has appeared in print (Cactus Heart, Rio Grande Review, Hyacinth Girl Press) and online (Feminist Wire, Kyoto Journal, Wilderness House). She lives in Switzerland.