Richardson_Leslie Photo
     Grand Tetons
     by Leslie Richardson

     She woke up from a nap and began her quest for a red bandana shirt. In six months she’d found one.

     Folded in a drawer, it made her smile. It had snaps.

     Then her father died, and going through old books of photographs, she saw: her mother in a shirt like that. Her mother in some woods, on some walk, in a red bandana shirt, carrying a baby, bald. The baby put her face upon that shirt.

     Her dad took the picture, with that camera, with the thorium lens.

     That was the perfect vacation, then.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author at a beach in Maine (June 2011).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie Richardson’s most notable publications are poems in The Paris Review and JAMA. She has a Ph.D. in Creative Writing from The University of Houston.