Food and Wine
by Karen Eisenbrey

I dreamed the perfect vacation
the week before our trip to Lake Chelan,
Mom and I, Italy,
food and wine.
Not cathedrals. Not museums.
Food and wine.

Chelan’s not Italy but has a sunny climate.
They grow apples there, and grapes.
They make wine.
We cooked spaghetti
in our hotel by the lake,
walked down the road for pizza.

There was no trip to Italy;
my mother’s gone where I will not soon follow.
I dream a new perfect vacation:
Mom and I, Paradise,
a heavenly banquet –
food and wine.

PHOTO: The author with her parents at Lake Chelan, Washington (May 1994).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My creative process is that I write the things that won’t leave me alone. I had forgotten this decades-old Italy dream until I saw this call for submissions. I distrust poetry and only write it when I have to. This turned into one of those times.

Karen Eisenbrey (color)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Karen Eisenbrey usually vacations at home in Seattle, Washington, where the climate is mild and good food and wine are abundant. She writes mostly fiction, but will occasionally hark up a poem if there’s no other way to get the idea out. Recent flash fiction and poetry have appeared in the “Slim Volume” anthologies from Pankhearst. Her garage-rock fairy tale “St. Rage” was published in January 2015 as the 13th release in the Pankhearst Singles Club. It is rapidly morphing into a novel. (Author photo by Joe Mabel, 2014.)