Oonah nephew Robert sister Esme Holidays Are Like Lollipops
by Oonah V Joslin

The day has been full of sand and salt, rides and candyfloss, sunshine, unaccustomed sights and sounds. The others wanted to go on a ride and so I had to go on too so all were treated equally. When they all had a chocolate bar, despite my protests I had to have one too – disgusting stuff! And then the sticky cloud of pink sugar, spun bigger than my head, sickly sweet and wiry on the tongue – so much of it; it’s only beneficial function was to block the rays of the damaging sun from my milky skin. And so, amid the high roofed echoes and screeches of the amusement park, the kiddie train went HooWhoohoo on well oiled slats around and round in dizzy circles ‘til, sick with ice cream, sweets and the heady smell of engine oil and I screamed to get off. We were apparently ‘having fun’ and in order to do that you had to leave the secure comfort of your home, your own little bed and blankets and stay in a damp, smelly, cockroach-infested chalet at the seaside to be force-fed on sugar and then made sick by centrifugal force of a tiny train to nowhere.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author as a child (left) with nephew Robert and sister Esmé at Portrush, Northern Ireland.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Oonah V Joslin has been writing for 10 years since leaving teaching. Life is one big holiday. Visit her at oovj.wordpress.com.