Depending on the Season…
by Stephanie Baird

Grilled cheese and cocoa sizzle in the wood-heated cabin.
Snowshoe and sledding down to river and pines;
the snowy silence of winter’s Mohawk Trail.

Bicycles crunch Arcadia carriage roads,
long hikes to Sand Beach as spring thaws old snow,
naps with husband at the British-cozy B&B,
afternoon tea and popovers at Jordan Pond.

Northern ocean niggles toes.
Sand dollars and fir trees dot Maine shores.
We doze to the blended roar of sea and humans.

Shocks of Autumn drench thirsty eyes
as trees undress their way to winter.
We follow red ribbons to Montreal,
fattening up with Poutin Gratin.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author seizing the paddle! (Deerfield River, Massachusetts, Summer 2015).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephanie Baird lives in Western Massachusetts and is a private practice psychotherapist. Writing in all genres since her early teens, her poetry/prose has been published in Gladtree Journal, multiple issues of Meat for Tea, Tule Review, SLAB, Freshwater, Colere, and Silver Birch Press (online). Her linocut prints and photography have been reproduced in Meat for Tea. When she isn’t psychotherapizing, creating stuff, or parenting her spirited daughter, she bicycles, socializes, and enjoys everything the world has to offer.