Longed-For Vacation
by Apoorva B. Raj

Sitting on the comfy couch
Stretching my arms and legs
Feeling stressless for a while
Is what I meant a real break,
Breaking all the commitments
Thinking to write a line on myself
Is the day I yearn for…
But, Busy, hectic life
In the cement woods
Breathing the smoke and ash
Laying the head straight into
Mechanical boards
Is taking away the peace.
The sight of rain,
The smell of mud,
Sounds of frogs, dripping dews
From the edges of fresh green leaves
Which has moved miles far…
seems to be in a dreamy world
Where I longed to go for vacation.

PHOTOGRAPH: The author during a trip to Malpe Beach near Manipal, Mangalore, Karnataka State, India.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: O reside in Bangalore, India, the metropolitan city filled with cement buildings and heavy traffic, no space for fresh air or natural beauty. I often feel the need to escape from this unrealistic world to my hometown located in western ghats to feel the fresh air and mist.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Apoorva.B.Raj works part-time as a PhD Scholar in the Dept of English, Kuvempu University, Karnataka State, India . She has published articles and poetry in international peer-reviewed journals. Her passion is writing poetry and doing creative work.