Christina M Rau reads The Gatsby Anthology

PHOTOGRAPH: Poet Christina M. Rau reading The Great Gatsby Anthology in a park that overlooks Long Island’s Manhasset Bay — the body of water Gatsby gazed across at Daisy’s green light. Her poem “Once Again, to Zelda” appears in the collection.  (Photo by Anthony Rau.)

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR ABOUT HER POEM: After years of reading The Great Gatsby over and again, and then teaching parts of it here and there, the underlined passages and marginalia have taken over my only copy, and I refuse to get a new one even though this one is pretty over- used and beaten up. That’s how I like my books. In thinking about honoring this book, my favorite for many reasons, I couldn’t find my own words to do it justice. And so, I pored through the pages, copying all the underlined passages. Then I found which lines worked the best with others. Then I focused on rhythm, squaring up quatrains in a neat sequence to retell the essence of Gatsby. The repetition of each strategically chosen quote builds a tone that should mimic the tone by the end of the novel.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christina M. Rau is the author of WakeBreatheMove (Finishing Line Press,  2015)  and For The Girls, I (Dancing Girl Press 2014). She founded the reading circuit Poets In Nassau on Long Island, New York, and her poetry has recently appeared in The Main Street Rag and Till The Tides: An Anthology of Mermaid Poetry (Sundress Publications). She practices yoga occasionally and line dances on other occasions. (Photo by Kaeti Wigeland)


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