Different Realm
by Vijaya Gowrisankar

The subtle excitement in the air
As planned holiday time drew closer
The suitcases came out of hiding
In went the clothes, we started packing
Finally, the day arrived to leave

Our first hop was to reach Bangalore
Then, we boarded the train to Mysore
Reached at noon, with summer at its best
Our love for fauna pulled us to zoo
We spent hours, moved from one cage to next

The next two days at Mysore were spent
Visiting the historical spots
Till we left by road to Bandipur
The outskirts of the forests awaited

We stepped into a different world
Dense trees, monkeys, deer, wild boars, insects
Power cuts, indoor games, heavy rains

A trip to forest depths in buses
Eager to catch glimpses of wildlife
Elephants, peacocks, foxes, bison
Mongoose, snakes – with a wish to glimpse tigers

Saw animals sense change in nature
Monkeys expressed, jumped in restlessness
Few minutes before thundershowers
And heavy rains lashed us for few hours

We learnt forests are being destroyed
Animals killed for their body parts
For cycle of life to continue –
We need to save forests and tigers

Days passed and reality crept in
Holidays ended, moments linger

PHOTO: The author in The Government Rose Garden at Ooty, India (June 2015).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vijaya Gowrisankar released her first book of poems Inspire in 2014. The book features more than 100 poems on topics such as Nature, Life, Positivity, and Change. She is passionate about writing poems from childhood. Her poems have been submitted in various publications.