by Kerfe Roig

Wishing for nothing.
Entering each day holding
no expectations.
Didn’t have a plan.
Years imposed order. Fortune
known. Disappointment.
Evolve. Unlearn. With
return discover and eat
food for new thinking.
Yes I can do that:
everything is open with
suddenly wide eyes.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON THE IMAGE: Me, transformed by Photoshop.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: We are always recreating and reinventing who we are. Each year adds new experiences that open doors to opportunities for transforming the face we show to ourselves and the world. Dive in!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A knit designer by trade, Kerfe Roig likes to make things with colors, lines, textures, and sounds. You can follow her creative adventures on the blog she does with her friend Nina: https://methodtwomadness.wordpress.com/.