by Vijaya Gowrisankar

My wings spread in delight
to obstruct rays from clouds;
Enjoy ride that spans miles
on shapeless, silky white

To fly effortlessly on thermals
guided by lightweight feathers;
I rule as master of skies with
onlookers envying my flight

Scan wide with sharp sight
to spot an innocent prize;
Who enjoys assured life ––
unaware of turbulence in store

Waves splash as I swoop deep
disturbing smooth reflections;
I extend my claws into cool
ocean and capture unaware prey

My talons tighten hold as kill
struggles to survive; I feel
its stunned surprise as life
transforms from joy to fight

Soar in air towards majestic
sun, as quarry breathes its last
Sudden snatch destroys prey’s world
as I succeed in my silent hunt

IMAGE: “Eagle in flight against snowy sky” by Ohara Koson (1933).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  Since childhood, eagles have always fascinated me. I took this this opportunity to get a glimpse into an eagle hunting for its food.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vijaya Gowrisankar released her first book of poems Inspire in 2014. The book features more than 100 poems on topics such as Nature, Life, Positivity, and Change. She is passionate about writing poems from childhood. Her poems have been submitted in various publications.