caballero PHOTO: Poet Ana Maria Caballero enjoys her copy of The Great Gatsby Anthology at one of Miami’s great places to read. The collection features her poem “Oh, Zelda,” based on a passage from Ernest Hemingway’s memoir A Moveable Feast.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The work published in The Great Gatsby Anthology is as varied and vibrant as the characters in Fitzgerald’s book. The edition itself is elegant, deliberate, reflective but also stocks a number of surprises, which, like the novel it invokes, makes for a fresh, gratifying read. It’s an honor to be included in its pages.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ana Maria Caballero won Colombia’s José Manuel Arango National Poetry Prize in 2014 for her book Entre domingo y domingo (From Sunday to Sunday). Her work has appeared in over 20 publications, including Jai-Alai, Smoking Glue Gun Magazine, Red Savina Review, Big River Poetry Review, and CutBank. It is forthcoming on The Potomac and others. Every week, she writes about poetry for Zeteo Journal. Her poems and book thoughts can be read at the