Dream Revamped
by Munia Khan

I was named after a bird —
a dead pet of my loving, late father
I wished to meet its tiny feathered body
so lifeless in the cage
(but unfortunately, after a few days I was born)

Perhaps a reincarnation I wanted
as I desired to fly in my mind
in quest of my own soul-bird,
all severed, but unlike human
whose every dream
would be the beginning of a new life
with or without a name…

but that remained a pipe dream

Now, in the course of time,
I’ve become a cold blooded toad —
‘Bufo melanostictus’
as the alleged scientific world labeled me
I love to live double lives,
being a nocturnal amphibian.
Hiding myself in a dark lowland area
I love to make friends with
the dirty-pond-inhabitants hydras:
my faithful neighbours!

I’m proud of my pale, yellow-brown colour pattern,
marked boldly with dark, reddish brown streaks and spots —
a constant reminder of
how fortunate I am,
to be able to escape from
the human dominated, so-called ‘clean earth’

I’ve recently buried my avian dreams
in the dingy slum near my abode
Nature, at present,
is a heaven of luxury for me
where I love to make love
to my water-dependent breeding,
allowing the lunar cycle to dictate my ovulation
(Yes, just before or after a full moon occurs)

I dream to lay a long string of black eggs
And I trust, in time my offspring
will begin to reign over humanity
through our sweet sojourn, the vernal pool —
A peaceful place
far away from the manmade world!

IMAGE: “Blue Bird” by Sergei Solomko (1867-1928).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I cannot escape from the ‘escapist’ in me who really inspired this poem. We, being proud human, have failed to heal this tyrannical world filled with oppression. My imagination strongly believes, perhaps, an innocent toad could help when everyone fails…to make this world a perfect place to live in. What if I become that cold blooded toad…?


Munia Khan
 was born on a spring night of 15th March in the year 1981. Her poetry is the reflection of her own life experience. She is the author of two poetry collections — Beyond the Vernal Mind, published in 2012 and To Evince the Blue, published in 2014 by Xlibris Corporation, USA. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies. Her works have been translated into various languages: Japanese, Romanian, Urdu, Spanish, Bengali, Irish, and so on. She is a member in The Poetry Society, UK and also a founding member of Poets & Artists For A Different World Movement. Visit her at