Transformation of a Maiden
by Apoorva B.Raj

The journey was to the Holy shrine of pashupati
Started on a sunny sunday
With a ray of hope and light
To attain the goal and finish the target
I Was a lonely traveler
Moody maiden always looking for
Good of someone
I met with worldly rejoice
Sat with ease and chat with smile
Forgotten my path
Hooked to the fancies
Hanged over to love and responsibilities
Toasted under pain and pressure
Again I thought of the glowing shrine
Now I am not alone
No space for my mood and moves
Thinking of my journey
I thought it would be done by
completing my duties
As I am a transformed woman
Now a good wife, a caring mother
and a responsible teacher.

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON THE PHOTO: With my adorable child Dhavan near the pond in Melukote, Mysore (India).

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: My poem touches on the journey of a spiritually minded girl who ended up tangled in worldly matters because she forgot herself in the midst of youthful bliss. Now she is determined to fulfill her responsibilities as a prudent woman.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Apoorva B.Raj words as a part-time PhD Research Scholar in the Dept of English, Kuvempu University, Karnataka state, India, and has published articles and poems in international peer-reviewed journals. Her poems have been featured in several Silver Birch Press poetry series.