Gatsby Antologia 1

PHOTO: On August 8, 2015, poet Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach (second from right)  introduces The Great Gatsby Anthology to the cultural group “Christine de Pizan” on the Italian Riviera (Albisola-Savona, Italy). Her poem “The Great Gatsby’s Dream” appears in the collection. Others pictured are (from left): Patrizia Gioia (creative artist), Angelica Lubrano (poet), and Mario Verrua (Jazz lover and music critic).

AUTHOR’S NOTE ON HER POEM:  My poem “The Great Gatsby’s Dream” was inspired by the last words of The Great Gatsby. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” Because seldom do we realize the Great Dream of ours!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Maria Ivana Trevisani Bach is a biologist, researcher, teacher, councilor of Beigua Park (Italy), writer (animals, nature, ecology, and the battle against pollution are the themes of her literary works). She endorses the Ecopoetry Movement whose “Italian Manifesto” she wrote in 2005. The author’s work includes scientific and literary articles, an Ecopoetry book (Ed. Serarcangeli Roma), and books on animals (Ed. Mursia, Milano). Her last book, The Feline Comedy by Mozot, was presented at the Ecocriticism Congress in Worchester University (G.B.), in the University (UFPB) Joao Pessoa (Brazil), and in 2014 in the University Castellae (Valladolid, Spain).