Cooking For Two
by Jonathan Hammond

I love pancakes. The first ones I ever cooked were for her. It was because she said she was hungry. I wanted to feed her, to impress her, to make her feel good, so I added white chocolate and strawberries to those delicious, disc-sized flat cakes. My grandparents loved them too.

At the time, we were coworkers. She had lost her grandparents recently, and I wasn’t in a good spot in life, so making edible gifts for her created positive moments for the both of us. What happened next was truly a blessing. We started hanging out and watching TV shows!

On a chilly February’s night, she came over to marathon The Walking Dead with me. I liked her and was a bit nervous. So, to disguise my shyness, I made us blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. She said they hit the spot. Four hours of zombie-gore later, we both felt a connection.

One humid night in May, pancakes transcended friendliness into intimacy that has since then become a long-lasting relationship. I am so grateful. I find it amazing how flour, butter, eggs, milk, and a little fruit could alchemize into love – sustenance that we all need in our lives.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: For this “sweet” prompt, my thoughts first went to one of my very close friends with the same last name. Thinking beyond that, I searched my mind by licking my teeth and thinking of the best sweetest memory I could recall in recent time. I thought of pancakes and who I first made them for. I thought of the sweetness shared in those moments, and how it went way beyond actual food. This project was really fun and I greatly appreciate the prompt.


Jonathan Hammond is a student at North Shore Community College. His interests, besides reading and writing, include mixed martial arts, espresso, talking about philosophy and life in general, as well as group or one-on-one discussion regarding practically anything except fancy motor vehicles.

PHOTOGRAPH: Happy Hour at Maki Sushi in Peabody, Massachusetts (Halloween 2014).