Cream Soda
by Wade Martin

Fizzy-lifting drink
my father called it, handing
it to me across
the driver’s seat. I smiled,
inhaled a scent as sweet
as dandelion, began
to tilt the bubbling frost
and whizz up towards me, wild
to let the liquid sink
into my own dreamland
where happiness is tossed
into a pool or pile
full of thoughts we think
when dad, our bestest friend,
hands us what can’t be lost:
the small joy of a child.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This began as an exercise in using trimeter lines to explore a scent-specific memory. I tried doing something clever with the rhyme scheme, but abandoned that conceit at some point. The important thing is that the effect of the original devices is still present, even if the tools used to put them there are not.


Wade Martin
is co-editor of the Texas Poetry Calendar, a 2014 Pushcart nominee, and Type-1 diabetic. He is also a Teaching Artist with Badgerdog and archivist at Austin Community College, with recent publications in Perfume River Poetry Review, Freshwater, and Bird’s Thumb.