maple snow
Maple Snow
by Linda Kraus

My immersion into an icy universe,
the euphoria of that first winter blizzard —
my wonder at a newly crystalline world,
refracting branches catching sunlight.
I remember my mother’s pleasure in boiling
maple syrup and pouring it on virgin snow,
magically creating a winter taffy, nature’s
gift to a child who still prizes its memory,
its sweetness burning her mouth.


NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Maple Snow” is based on a gastronomic memory — a happy one. So many of our childhood memories are clouded with sorrow and loss; like Proust’s madeleines, sweets are a catalyst to our past.

AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: My photo was probably taken when I was four years old in Cleveland, Ohio.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Linda Kraus has taught literature and film studies at the college and university levels. She has published poetry in several literary journals and anthologies and is currently editing two collections of poems.