With Sugar On Top
by Karen Robiscoe

Summer came, and
enthralled by dopplering music emanating
from that cool truck
–Van Halen, naturally,
Dairy Queen
chased Good Humor
down a Rocky Road…
loose stones
> thrown >
and waffling cones
creating a Ripple effect in pooled cream –
a Wavy Gravy speeding toward
Sunday’s edge
the jimmies gone, the whip dissolved
en Rooty
the world was indeed round
– there was such a thing as too much topping
(nuts, 2)
and glass was house, not Brickle
Butter scoop was a Truffle late
to re·verse sweet tsunami
contain her!
but not Mud Pies.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: A big fan of George (“My Sweet Lord”) Harrison and Butter Brickle, both, everything about this topic inspired me. From wordplay, to current mindset, to melting memories of long ago, I left no stone unturned, or drip unlicked when writing this poignant piece of praline.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Karen Robiscoe’s short stories, essays, & poetry have appeared in literary journals: Spectrum at UCSB, Postscripts to Darkness, KY Story, Bohemia Journal, Steamticket Journal, Peachfuzz Magazine, Dark Light 3, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Main Street Rag, Meat for Tea, Sand Canyon Review, and Midnight Circus. Online, find her work at Handful of Dust E-Zine, Whistling Fire E-Zine, Art4theHomeless Web-zine, and her popular blog Charron’s Chatter. Her recipes are regularly featured at Hub Pages, and Fowlpox Press released brain-bending, idiom-twisting chapbook: Word Mosaics early in 2014.