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Ode to a Brownie
by Steve Ramirez

O, Brownie, you coy snack. Tactful gathering of fudge.
Wide plain to sprinkle walnuts across (or not).
Great tract of earth where you may dangle
ice cream a la mode (though I prefer you unadorned).
You sit unobtrusively in the aisles and shelves of stores,
disdainful of bold statements or fanciful names,
cellophane wrapper neither hiding nor showing more than necessary.
You willful ingenue!
Or waiting in the baker’s display case, the way I like you best,
wax paper crinkling around your fresh-baked warmth.
Brownie of comfort, brownie of faith in simplicity,
if you were required at business meetings
there would be no energy crisis.
Brownie of peace, brownie of understanding
if only we could see through your chocolatey eyes
we could forget what we’ve seen before,
live in a time when all we knew was hope.
Brownie of love, brownie of summer days long gone
each bite takes me back to our first meeting.
I was that shy, sun-baked boy who discovered you at Disneyland.
Do you remember when?

SOURCE: Previously published in A POET IS A POET NO MATTER HOW TALL: EPISODE II Attack of the Poems.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: This poem came from a prompt in a workshop led by Cecilia Woloch. She asked us to write down a list of five “normal or everyday” things we loved, then write an ode to one. Brownies were on the top of my list.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Steve Ramirez hosts the weekly reading series, Two Idiots Peddling Poetry. Publication credits include Pearl, The Comstock Review, Crate, Aim for the Head (a zombie anthology), and MultiVerse (a superhero anthology).

AUTHOR PHOTO: Taken in 2003 with a penguin-shaped cooler named Bob.