Shapiro2, Paula Deen postcard back and frontShapiro,1 Paula Deen postcard back and front
EggNog Weather Inversion for Y’all
by Lynne Shapiro

Today, I change the order of things .
(Things change I the order, see?)
Irretrievable reversal. Of intentions?
Exactly not. Love I clarity, not
cleverness. Tiresome so, think I
and yet – clever this is. So invert I again
but this time with pudding:
     Chill with grated nutmeg.
     Sprinkle dishes.
     White eggs fold.
     Heat from remove.
     Temper, temper,
     your Paula Deen is showing.


AUTHOR’S PHOTO CAPTION: When I was sweet, 1961, Andover, Massachusetts.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “EggNog Weather Inversion for Y’all” was written two years ago, during August Poetry Postcard Month. I received a poem about popcorn from a fellow participant and responded with this poem. As well, the poem-a-day email I’d received earlier in the morning influenced the tone. Then, finally, I was influenced by a Paula Deen holiday recipe postcard I’d obtained during a trip to Savannah on which I sent my poem.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lynne Shapiro lives in Hoboken, New Jersey. Her poems and essays have appeared in such publications as Mslexia, Switchback, Trespass,, and Umbrella, as well as anthologies such as Decomposition: An Anthology of Fungi Inspired Poems (Lost Horse Press) and Eating Her Wedding Dress, A Collection of Clothing Poems (Ragged Sky Press). She is currently co-editing a soon-to-be-published anthology of chocolate and coffee poems for Ragged Sky Press.