Whipped Cream
by Harry Calhoun

Flower of my heart, you bloom even in my sad
dark bedroom. This spring day when we have left
each other alone and bereft. The sun is lovely

outside and I think of my twin Labradors, black and sweet
as blackstrap molasses, but gone because I could not care
for anything save alcohol and weakness. This is what

your leaving has left me. The dogs are gone but sweetness
is not totally lost, buried but often surfacing in my thoughts.
You, my only love, are whipped cream, soft and frothy

and sugary as nothing else. Not in this world nor in me,
its small dark shadow. I never wanted my great love
for you to collide with my limitless bluntness, destroying

like an asteroid devastating your sweet earth.
Flower of my heart, soul of my soul,
I want you back, renouncing my folly

and replacing it with a chocolate craving,
a search for the sweetness of you:

The cosmic sundae, the sweet forevermore.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: “Whipped Cream” was written in a state of turmoil, some confusion, but on the verge of a new dedication to my relationship and my creative life. I write most of my poems longhand first, usually let them sit a while, then “transcribe” them into the computer. I make changes from the longhand to improve them and almost always have additional edits after that. Often in this process, the poems lengthens or shortens drastically, sometimes combining with other poems or poem fragments that I’ve written at the same time, before or earlier. Once in a great while I write the poems directly to the computer using the keyboard, but not with this one or most others.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Harry Calhoun has received several Pushcart and Sundress Best of the Net nominations and publications in many poetry journals, books and chapbooks. As a publisher, he’s done chapbooks by Charles Bukowski, Jim Daniels, and Louis McKee, among others, and he was delighted to be part of Silver Birch Press’s Bukowski Anthology. Harry’s chapbook Failure is Unimportant came out in 2013 and a full-length poetry book, Alarmed in Space and other poems, is expected by the end of 2015 on the Unbound Content imprint. Another book, Camouflage, is also due out from Dark Angel Press this year. Harry lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife Trina and his dogs, the Labrador-and-hound mixes Hamlet and Harriet. Visit him at harrycalhoun.net.