Sweet Bake Chicken
by Clinton Siegle

Sweet chicken, a recipe that got me my love
wonderful chicken toasted with a cookie dough of love
eternity will remember two cups flour, two cups honey, a pinch of pepper
even a spoon of salt, along with two eggs mix tacking on pepper
time for a plastic bag enters the ingredients, and chicken shake well added pepper.

Bake until you smell a donut
a donut?
Kindly remember to bake until you smell a donut
eternity is a sweet-tasting chicken donut.

Chicken tastes wonderful
honestly like a meatier donut.
Indeed adding a brownie at the end
changes nothing to the idea eat dessert before the end
kindly remembered to serve dessert preliminary not at the end
eternity will recollect desserts primary
needs a reminder to eat a donut chicken first.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I created this recipe for chicken when I was tired of not finding anything for dessert with my future wife. She seemed to enjoy it, so the recipe became my family secret.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Clinton Siegle is a poet who writes muse acrostic poems about autographs he receives at cosmofunnel.com. The recipe for sweet bake chicken is his own design using a brownie/donuts recipe for the ingredients.